Joumana Ibrahim graduated with an MA from the London College of Communications (LCC) after obtaining a BA in graphic design and a minor in fine arts from the Lebanese American University. Her focus at LCC was on information design, including her Master's thesis, focusing on a spatial analysis of Hamra and Geitawi streets in Beirut.

Upon returning to Lebanon in 2006, she worked as an art director at Leo Burnett Beirut, serving a vast array of leading Lebanese and international brands, and winning a number of regional and international awards. These awards made her realize the importance of constantly challenging herself creatively & the value of giving back by helping young aspiring designers hone their talent. She dedicates most of her time teaching courses and workshops at LAU (Lebanese American University), ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts) and NDU (Notre Dame University).

Joumana is currently working as a freelance graphic designer/art director for local and international brands, and is teaching in several universities across Lebanon.